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Denanse is an easy to use, no-code AI
Platform for Real-time Decison making

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No Code, Hardware or
Hiring costs

We provide a Cheaper, Faster, and Easier way
for data-driven businesses in Africa to utilize
their data to Accelerate Growth and Profitability in minutes instead of months .

Pre-built AI Blocks

Quickly Access a massive library
of prebuilt tools to grow your business

Deliver Results

Machine Learning with your Data,
gain Insights and Predictions to Grow

Save your money

Dont spend a Fortune on Hiring,
up-Front Investments and Training

Best solutions available
for your Organization .

Our collection of pre-built, pre-loaded libraries, create predictions
and analytics that address all areas of your business or organ.


Fraud Analysis

Detect and analyse Fraudulent
Transactions within your data
in your business.


Biometrics Digital onboarding

Combat customer onboarding Fraud
through facial biometrics verification


Customer segmentation

Segment Customers into groups based
on common characteristics so companies
can market to each group effectively.


Marketing Budget Saved.

Make Better
decisions for
your business.

With Customer Segmentation you can better understand your customers needs, pinpoint problems in your product targeting and find the best way to fix existing problems.

Save your
money by using
our service.

Access libraries of prebuilt tools to
address different areas of your business
with no coding or hiring needed.


Infrastructure & Software


Hiring Engineers


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